TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes is a story of a group of individuals who came together from all walks of life with the belief that they must find ways to say THANK YOU to our healthcare heroes. 

Below please find the members of our steering committee, our advisory board and our operations team:


Denise Klischan

Lawyer based in Ibiza with her own office for more than 15 years. Of German nationality, she studied law at the universities of Passau and Cologne in Germany, with final graduation at the courts of Düsseldorf. 
After several works abroad (Istanbul, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires) she became resident in Ibiza and opened her own law firm with exclusive focus on real estate and inheritance law with clients from more than 30 different countries. 
She is also a mediator and coach. 
She speaks Spanish, German and English.
Since 2012 she has been a member of the Rotary Club of Ibiza whose presidency she has held since 1st July 2019, a position that normally lasts one year. This year, for the first time in the history of the Rotary Club Ibiza, the presidency will be extended for another year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Nick Thompson

After arriving in holiday in 1999 I finally found home in Ibiza after living a nomadic lifestyle as a broker and rugby player. After spending 13 years as a diving instructor and co-owner Punta Dive in Ibiza, Nick was offered a job in real estate which reignited his commercial mind.
Starting at Lucas Fox before co-founding Privadia Retreats and most recently founded Invenio Homes, a B2B rental platform that has been supported by some of the best minds in the market.
Nick has an extensive network of owners of whom have helped establish the first milestone of the initiative.
A resident of Ibiza and who speaks English and a high level of Spanish

Clive Heathcote

Resident and homeowner in Ibiza since 2008.
Been a regular visitor to Ibiza since 1975.
Founder of White Island Realty SL /Houses in Ibiza – 2013 to date. Consulting & Vacation Rental Management. Vice President of the AVAT Ibiza.
Investment Banking / Capital Markets in London, New York, Paris & Madrid – 1985/2011. Bessemer Trust, Chase Manhattan Bank, ABN-AMRO, AB Morgan Stanley. B.Sc (Hons) London School of Economics.
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, British National, grew up in Barcelona Spain. Speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian & Catalan.

Matt McCormick

Matt from Prime Villas who has been here on the island since 2011. Originally from South Africa, after a childhood in England, he first moved to Spain nearly 20 years ago. Matt has been in sales his whole career and real estate since 2014. Matt is an Ibiza resident and speaks English and Spanish.


Jan Michael Himmler

Running an information management consulting company in Switzerland before becoming vice president Europe of a global management consulting and data analytics company. Since 2008 he is actively coaching startups in the B2C and technology space. Jan visits Ibiza regularly since the early 2000s and owns a holiday home in Ibiza since 2011. Jan is Swiss resident and speaks German, English, French and a little bit of Spanish.

Idil Mohamed

Idil co-founder illicia luxury handbags with her sister Ilham With over 20 years’ experience in the luxury industry, Idil has worked in the top fashion houses and garnered invaluable experience. Since then, Idil has been working in the luxury housing market, designing homes and renovating projects from Switzerland to London and back to Ibiza.

Prof. Olivier Borens

MD, PhD, is Head of the Department of Septic Surgery and Head of the Orthopaedic-Trauma Unit of the Department for the Musculoskeletal System of the University Hospital in Lausanne (Switzerland). He has received his medical education at the University of Bâle and specialized in orthopaedics and traumatology at the hospitals of Liestal and Lausanne. After a one-year fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York his work concentrated on the traumatology of the acetabulum and the pelvis and on infections of the musculoskeletal system,
especially following joint replacement.
He has made his department a reference center for orthopaedic infections of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). He is member of the European Trauma Society (ETS) and of the Swiss AO Trauma Committee as well as Board member of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society. He takes active part in the education of medical students and the training of under- and post-graduate physicians. His publication list includes more than 60 journal articles, several book chapters and a great number of abstracts.

Rolf Blakstad

Founder of Blakstad Design Consultants and has developed some of the most iconic homes on the island, many of which have been featured countless times in books and design magazines. Their designs marry the beauty and simplicity of traditional styles with contemporary expectations and needs. Rolf runs the company today with his brother Nial, keeping the family name going with passion and gusto. Rolf is an Ibiza resident and speaks Spanish, Dutch and English.

Esther Fernandez-Ayala

Esther is a co owner and director of White Island Realty /Houses in Ibiza.
An Ibiza resident for over 30 years. She has 25 years of experience in hospitality & leisure,and created, founded and worked with some of the most visible names on the island.
12 years with the iconic El Divino and co-owner of the Macao Cafe on the Rocks, one of the most popular beach restaurants in the 00 ́s.
Esther speaks Catalan, Spanish, Italian and English.

Marc Rahola

Marc Rahola is CEO and Founder of OD Group, a holding company that has been managing and developing hotels across a range of locations including Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona and Côte d’Azur.
Marc was born in Barcelona into a family of entrepreneurs: his father Victor Rahola, a prestigious architect; and his mother Mayte Matutes, a well-respected interior designer. He later went on to join the wider family hospitality business, Palladium Hotel Group, in 1998.  During his 10 years there, he was part of a huge expansion which saw the business invest more than $500 million to grow to over 3,000 keys. Marc’s role involved creating and shaping teams in Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Italy and developing processes including acquisition, planning, licensing, and construction. In 2009, Marc founded OD Group based on the initials of his first hotel, Ocean Drive in Ibiza. From that first hotel, Marc and his team has built a collection that sees each hotel as an experiential hub, connecting guests to their surroundings and in turn enriching their stay.

Matt Crowther

Matt has been working with high-net-worth clients, across multiple sectors, for more than 10 years and was co-founder of the luxury delivery company Ibiza Delivers.

Following a full-time move to the island with his family 5 years ago, Matt set-up the Ibiza office of Domus Nova; a highly regarded real estate agency with offices in London and an international client base.

As Head of Ibiza Matt oversees all aspects of the business locally and works closely with his partners in London, giving reach into a large network of property owners, private buyers and investors.

Rupert Baird-Murray

Creative Director Domus Nova Ibiza
Rupert has over 20 years of experience in hospitality and luxury PR in London and California, working with some of the leading PR companies, brands and notable figures from the worlds of art, design and fashion. Specialising in collaborating and developing partnerships, Rupert is the Creative Director of Domus Nova Ibiza and has bought his black- book to the island connecting innovative and inspiring people with worthwhile causes and brands. Previous productions and events include Cavalli, Lanvin, The Design Museum, Bella Freud, The Serpentine Gallery, We-Work and The Edition Hotels.

Naima Mohamed

A graduate of Imperial College London, Naima Mohamed has been in the training and consultancy sectors for nearly 10 years in the UK and the Middle East. She has also worked as a content writer for international companies and she is currently residing in Abu Dhabi where she works for the British Embassy. She speaks English, French and Classical Arabic.

Frances Aldrich de Llopis

An American /Spanish national, born in Connecticut, lived in Brazil and since the 1960´s in Spain.
Attended Sao Paolo Graded School, Miss Porter’s School and Bennett Jr. College.
After several years with Merrill Lynch, then worked at American Express for 12 years in Madrid, before setting up Casa Decor Spain/Italy/Portugal in 1994 until 2010.
Organised and worked on many events and projects such as the Fundación Renal Iñigo Álvarez de Toledo, Together for Peace Prize Ceremony Madrid,the Annie Leibovitz Exhibit Madrid, Marsh McLennan Advisory Board, Humana Hospital Madrid, and the IMF Events for Lehman Brothers and Bank of America.
Frances is on the boards of the Fundación Anti-Sida España, American Club of Madrid, Ronald McDonald House, Ibiza Preservation Foundation, George Washington Foundation & Oceanic Global

Frances speaks English,Spanish and French

Daniel de Busturia

Graduate in Philosophy, Institute Catholique Paris, Political Science,University Science Po Paris and post Graduate of European Studies University of Paris
Professor C.E. E Diplomatic School of Madrid- Strategic Consultant
Professor at ICADE & the University of Deusto
Worked on the advisory board for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Advisory Council of Axa Investment Managers, board of Directors of CEPSA, and various advisory roles for different government agencies.
President & CEO U.L España S.A
CEO Marina Port Forum
Member of the boards of AXA Spain, Abba Hotels,BioTex
European Press Association, Ibiza Gastronomical Association, Grande Maitre Conseil de Vins de Bordeaux
Chevalier & Ordre national du Mérite France, Encomienda de Isabel la Católica, Encomienda al Mérito Civil Spain Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Couronne Belgique Belgium

Stefan Stücklschweiger

Stefan Stücklschweiger is co-founder and CEO of Fifteen Seconds, a global community of thinkers and makers. Once in a year he hosts Europe’s largest conference for curious minds, gathering 6,000+ people in Graz, Austria, to challenge the commercial future.

Together with his team he lives at the intersection of business, innovation and creativity and helps people succeed, uniting a community of interdisciplinary forward-thinkers who are eager to share, explore and learn from the best.

He had the honor to welcome renowned executives from all over the world telling their success stories, including leaders from global brands like The New York Times, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Twitter, Starbucks and Apple, to name just a few. Since 2014, partnering companies like Google, Forbes, Microsoft, Oracle, IKEA, Red Bull and Mercedes-Benz joined.

Brigitte Bardoul

Brigitte Bardoul has studied Law at the University of Amsterdam, worked in various continents and has been active in the corporate legal field before setting up a business in Ibiza. In Ibiza she further developed her people and consultative skills into a consultative property specialist position in her own company, LetUs Ibiza. She follows her heart when it comes to helping others, nature and animals. Joining TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes Initiative is in line with her DNA.


Andrea Wirsum, T4HH Project Manager

Andrea has worked for more than ten years for different brands in various industries in marketing, sales and project management before she started her own business as Coach, Consultant and Trainer in 2011 ( Since then she trained more than 1,600 managers, employees and individuals in sales, customer service and leadership skills. Andrea is a graduated bank clerk and finished her university studies with a Master in Business administration. Born and raised in Germany, she moved to Spain twenty years ago and calls Ibiza her home for more than 13 years. Andrea is fluent in German, English and Spanish.


Bubbly and energetic Maria considers Ibiza her second home and has been organising fabulous events on Ibiza for nearly a decade now! She lives and breathes the island and she is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural visitors of the island. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success working for @DeliciouslySorted.
Maria is fluent in English, Spanish and Romanian ( native language )

Matt Mckillop, T4HH PR & Design

Constantly turning ideas into reality, Matt plays a crucial role in the creative machine for The Everyday Agency and every brand he represents. Seen as a unique concept designer and relentless innovator of ever expanding ideas, he comes from a diverse background of Management in Retail and Hospitality, through to Music Production and Event Promotion, whilst curating content for a long list of notable international brands.
This diverse skillset maintains a diverse portfolio of ‘independent meets corporate sensibility’ with a very deep understanding of what it actually takes to build sustainable brands from the inside out.

Sunita Dhaliwal, T4HH PR & Marketing

A dynamic and driven marketing specialist with over 15 years experience managing multi-million pound marketing budgets. Having a balanced blend of innate creativity, analytical acumen and a unique ability to truly understand people and their desires, gives her an unrivalled edge within the industry. Leading The Every Day Agency since its inception in 2014, with a genuine desire to leave the world a better place through conscious business and marketing.

Philippe Zamofing, T4HH France

Philippe started his career in the information technology space and worked for almost 20 years for one of the leading consulting companies, working as a solution architect. Later moved to management consulting and project management, delivering business solutions like data warehouses and management dashboards for many Fortune 500 companies across Europe.
Philippe is French resident and speaks French, German and English.

Mario Haiser, T4HH Germany

Most of his career Mario spent in the the management of an information management, consulting and data analytics company in Switzerland. Later he served as a global client principal for an international consulting company. In 2013 he retired early.
Mario is German, French resident and speaks German and English


With a passion for imagery and helping business’ achieve their dreams Chris is the force behind Koncept 62, a Danish based design and photography consulting business. With clients back home in the UK, plus her new scandinavian home and the warmer shores of Spain and Portugal, she is not shy of working across languages and cultures.

With a wide variety of skills, from design, to project management, to photography, she is always able to see the overall picture when it comes to her clients and provide solutions to a any challenge.

Working in a different industries from the holistic sector to the property sector, food to charities, the solution is always there, it just takes dedication, passion and a chance to be found.



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