We enormously appreciate our sponsors, they make this project organization happen, allowing us to purchase professional services throughout the next 14 months. They enable us at TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes to pull all strings and GIVE BACK. 

A big THANK YOU to all our invaluable sponsors ! 


BDS is a Swiss esports club based in Geneva. Our goal is to bring together the best players and participate in the biggest European and world events. We want to make esport grow by proposing unique and innovative projects while staying as close as possible to our community.


We have embraced traditional African art of weaving at illicia by incorporating intrinsic designs in our handle designs. Our handles have become the focus point of inspiration and medium through which we tell our story. We have pushed the norms of African weaving art by incorporating leather, rather than just using cloth or wool, into our handle design. Our philosophy is to create a sophisticated fusion of craftsmanship and quality- all the while pushing the limits.
Launched in 2017 with the spirit of innovation as its guidance hand. We designed a collection of handbags and interchangeable handles produced with only the finest leather from sustainable sources. Thanks to delicate hand-stitching and keen eyes on the finest of details, each illicia handbag bears the individual artisan’s touch- so no two handbags are identical. Harmonious designs and quality sets illicia apart.
Join our journey as we weave our story.


This is an intitiative which needs all professional suppport to bring it successfully through a 12-14 months period and deliver what we all envision: a big thank you to our intensive care healthcare heroes ! Across Europe it will reach out to 10s of thousands of healthcare workers, thousands of villa owners, institutions and authorities. It will touch them and hopefully a lot of them will jump in and be part of our vision. Please get in touch with us, be part of it, your contribution will make a difference.

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OverNIGHT Stays


How can we help?

Any corporate sponsor who is able to supply funding and in some cases services to the guests, will be greatly appreciated.

Do you require money or logistical help?

Primarily we are looking for donations, but your potential services to facilitate the project are greatly appreciated. If you can add your services at no cost we see this as important as a financial contribution.

Will we receive some kind of recognition?

All Sponsors will be recognised via the website and all social media campaigns.

Are we liable for services provided ?

Once you have agreed to support us with services we will be relying on your support through the project so that it runs smoothly and the recipients have a stress free experience. We expect that the quality of services you provide as a sponsor meets normal expectations.

How do we communicate with sponsors?

During the coming phase our project managers and team will be communicating with all sponsors and update them on the project’s status, milestones and upcoming events.


Are you a journalist and could you help us with some free publicity?

Do you want to share the initiative with your audience?

Are you not able to help us yourself, but do you know others that would like to participate?

Do you know anyone that would like to sponsor this event?

Can you help us in any other way?

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