Nick Thompson

Introduction to who you are and what you do?

Born in Australia I found my home in Ibiza in 1999 after a chance opportunity to visit the island with some friends is 1998.

The island just pulled me in and I was hooked once I saw the blue waters and clear skies of Ibiza.

What does being part of this project mean to you?

My mum was a nurse and I saw all the efforts and sacrifices she made in order to help so many.

She had a large family and always found the balance as she knew that her responsibility went beyond her hospital but the community in general.

What does Ibiza stand for?

Ibiza for me is a place where race religion or status doesn’t mean anything.

People from Ibiza judge you on the person you are nothing else.

It is a peaceful place where you can be who you want to be without being judged.
It’s a melting pot of colours and culture.

What did you learn during lockdown?

That the important things are the small things that we all have been taking for granted for too long. Health and happiness!

What would you say to our Healthcare Heroes?

We see you and we admire you. Thank you for being our heroes without putting on a cape but alway putting on a brave face.

What would you like to see happen in the future post corona?

That everyone becomes more patient and understanding that everyone has their own issues and problems to deal with. I just hope that the current situation changes people’s mindset for the better.

T4HH - gestora de proyectos | C/Vicente Cuervo, 16 - 4A | 07800 IBIZA - BALEARES - ESPAÑA