What makes you Healthcare Hero for us?
A healthcare hero works or has worked in close, explicit and regular contact with COVID-19 patients or high risk groups or supported the work of such medical staff on-site in hospitals, elderly homes, hospices and similar organisations directly and in person.  
The profiles of Healthcare Heroes are not limited to nurses or doctors, it can entail a wide range of job profiles and supporters that directly end explicitly helped healthcare systems cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
As we will have more demand for holidays than supply of donated accommodation, the initiative is currently working with the healthcare community and some of the most reputable hospitals in Europe to define a fair and transparent nomination and selection process to reward those fighting on the COVID-19 frontline and assign a holiday for them.
1.  Initially our assumption was that the management of the healthcare workers could determine who deserves a holiday the most. This process was objected by most of the healthcare workers we talked to, as it would maybe not be a fair selection in some situations.
2. The second option was that healthcare heroes could vote for each other. But all stakeholder we talked to thought that many frontline workers in non-medical job profiles could be forgotten
3. It turns out that all the stakeholders we talk to would perceive a lottery-like process as the fairest approach as many hospitals do this already for other donations. We are currently investigating and assessing legally by whom and where this process could be managed.
Who are the healthcare heroes?
Healthcare Heroes are staff that worked at the frontline of this pandemic crisis. It is important to understand that in the hospitals that were hit the hardest, everybody was fighting for the lives of our friends and families. Therefore we must include all job profiles in such hospital hotpots, not only medical staff.
Apart from the hotel/hotel groups mentioned, who are amongst the 60 participating home owners who have donated their home, typical examples, villa owners/private homes, plus where are they, on ibiza?
Currently the majority of the homes and hotel rooms donated are from Ibiza and most of them can be seen on the T4HH website. Most of them have a touristic license, but the Consell d’Eivissa allows us also to include private homes as long as they have a cedula de habitabilidad and sufficient insurance coverage. This initiative must be inclusive and everybody must be able to donate.
Have any other hotels/homes from other european countries signed up to this yet?
We are currently speaking with hotels and homeowners in many different locations and will publish their donations very soon.
What would a typical holiday look like; what are the healthcare workers getting; how long is the stay, is the deal accommodation only etc?
The typical holiday will be a 1-weeks stay in the donated accommodations. Later this year we try to raise the costs for the flights, or parts of it, with a crowdfunding campaign.

We also have great feedback from local businesses to provide additional donations such as meals, free entrance tickets or discounted services etc. We will update our website with those offerings once they are fully committed.

How do you enter?

Currently the nomination process is being defined ready for the launch within the next couple of weeks, also a verification process will be put in place. If you are a Healthcare Hero you can register your interest here. You will then be alerted as soon as the nomination process is live and ready for entries.

How do you select the winning healthcare workers?
Our conversations with the healthcare community and hospital indicate that a lottery process will most probably be perceived as the fairest final selection amongst the nominated healthcare workers. Those lotteries could be held inside hospitals or central by the T4HH initiative.
When will the holidays take place?
The holidays will take place in 2021 during the months of April, May and October
Where are the healthcare heroes from?

We are finalising the countries in Europe but the following will be added Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg

Who can go with the healthcare workers?
Family (of the same household), partners


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