What makes you a Healthcare Hero for us?
A healthcare hero works or has worked in close, explicit and regular contact with COVID-19 patients or high risk groups or supported the work of such medical staff on-site in hospitals, elderly homes, hospices and similar organisations directly and in person.
The profiles of Healthcare Heroes are not limited to nurses or doctors, it can entail a wide range of job profiles and supporters that directly end explicitly helped healthcare systems cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
What would a typical holiday look like; what are the healthcare workers getting; how long is the stay, is the deal accommodation only etc?

The typical holiday will be a 3-6 nights stay in the donated accommodations. Later this year we try to raise the costs for the flights, or parts of it, with a crowdfunding campaign.

We also have great feedback from local businesses to provide additional donations such as meals, free entrance tickets or discounted services etc. We will update our website with those offerings once they are fully committed.

How do you enter?

If you are a Healthcare Hero you can register your interest here. You will then be alerted as soon as the nomination process is live and ready for entries.

Who can go with the healthcare workers?
Family (of the same household), partners
What is the current status of the TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes initiative?

Despite a very challenging and difficult year for everyone, we have been able to grow our portfolio of donated accommodation for Healthcare Heroes and their families or partners.

We now have more than 100 villas and 20 hotel groups involved and can provide free accommodation for 500 travelers.

Already 32,000 Healthcare Heroes from different countries in Europe are registered with TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes.

We are now working on a crowdfunding campaign in which we hope to raise enough money to be able to pay for transport and at the same time collaborate with hotel groups to increase the number of available accommodations.

What is the strategy for the coming months?

Our aim is to offer the majority of the stays at the end of the summer 2021.

During the summer we hope to increase the number of accommodations donated and organize a major crowdfunding to raise funds for the flights.

In order to raise awareness, impact and encourage strong engagement, we will deliver the first holidays to a small number of Healthcare Heroes over the summer.

We hope that this action will encourage more accommodation donations and hopefully support our crowdfunding efforts.

How will the beneficiary selection process work?

Our portfolio of accommodation is very diverse which gives us a great scope for combinations.

Each beneficiary will be approved by the T4HH project team and the T4HH Steering Committee and Advisory Board, in order to meet and optimize the different stay formats we have with the preferences of our guests and hosts. We will keep the entire T4HH community updated on our progress and selection processes for Healthcare Heroes.

When will the rest of the beneficiaries be announced?

During the month of September 2021

How do we allocate the beneficiaries?

One part of the allocation will be done through a manual selection by matching the beneficiary's profile and need with the hotel's offer. This assures to provide the best holiday experience to the healthcare hero. Another part of our allocation portfolio will be given to specific hospitals in different countries who will allocate the holidays among their frontline workers who have worked hardest and deserve it most.

What will the funds of the crowdfunding campaign be used for?

The funds will be used to cover flights and insurances of the Healthcare Heroes. We will allocate the funds to the Healthcare Heroes that need them most due to high flight costs. Although we wish, we can’t guarantee to cover the flight costs for our guests. This depends on the success of the fundraising campaign.

What happens if new travel restrictions won't allow the beneficiaries to travel?

If travel restrictions make this trip impossible, we will interact with the selected accommodation and help to reschedule the travel dates to Spring 2022. We will do our best to either find new dates or a new accommodation but can’t guarantee for it.

Can Healthcare Heroes still sign up?

Until the end of August 2021 Healthcare Heroes still have a chance to sign up on our website. After that we are happy to receive an email to [email protected] with a picture of the Healthcare Hero at work and his or her story or a short personal reflection on the time during the pandemic.

How can people support?

Any donation is welcome and very appreciated and also sharing our fundraising campaign with friends and family would be of great help:

UK: www.packforgood.uk

Germany: www.fuergutespacken.de


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Can you help us in any other way?

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