What is the current status of the TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes initiative?
Despite a very challenging and difficult year for all of us, we were able to grow our portfolio of donated accommodation for you Healthcare Heroes and your families or partners.
We now have over 100 villas and the participation of 20 hotel groups and can provide free accommodation to 1000 travellers.
Already 32,000 Healthcare Heroes from different countries in Europe are registered.
We are now working on a crowdfunding campaign for this summer in which we hope to raise enough money to be able to pay for your transport and increase the number of accommodations.

What is the strategy for the coming months?
Our goal is to offer you the majority of the stays in October 2021.
During the summer we hope to increase the number of accommodations donated and organise a major crowdfunding to raise funds for the flights.
In order to raise awareness, impact and encourage strong engagement, we will deliver the first holidays to a small number of healthcare heroes over the summer.
We are confident that this action will encourage more accommodation donations and strongly support our crowdfunding efforts.
How do we plan to get attention in the media and in the tourism industry?
With this small number of healthcare heroes representing each of the major European countries, we believe it will be a great help and will create a significant boost in our marketing and encourage more hotel groups to participate.
This will strengthen our crowdfunding campaign and encourage more hotel participation.
Very interesting for them as their brand will be associated with a good cause, having a great media repercussion !!!
We will be creating events, with great media coverage and a very active social media campaign during the summer!
How will these first beneficiaries be selected?
There will be beneficiaries representing each of the main European countries, their selection will be based on the commitment and collaboration you have had with the initiative.
“Many of you have actively engaged with TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes on social media, sharing stories, pictures and experiences during the Covid 19 pandemic, and we thank you for that”.
We have also allocated a quota of 100 beneficiaries, who will also be selected under the same premise as the previous ones based on their collaboration and commitment with the dissemination and collaboration in the campaign on social networks that TOGETHER For Healthcare Heroes will carry out from next week.
These 100 beneficiaries are key to TOGETHER For Healthcare Heroes and their image will be the driving force behind our crowdfunding campaign.
This first nomination will allow us to increase the impact, media attention and participation we need to cover more rooms and raise the money to pay for your flights.
Each nomination / beneficiary will be selected by the T4HH project team and approved by the T4HH Steering Committee and Advisory Board.
How will the selection process work in the future, will it be a lottery?
Our portfolio of accommodation is very diverse which gives us a great scope for combinations.
While many properties have certain specifications, we also expect to significantly increase certain categories of accommodation, such as hotels and versatile properties, which would allow us to plan a broader and more diverse draw.
Each beneficiary will be approved by the T4HH project team and the T4HH Steering Committee and Advisory Board, in order to meet and optimise the different stay formats we have with your preferences and those of the hosts.
Our main objective now is to increase the amount of hotel donations in order to achieve this goal.
A successful marketing campaign that generates momentum, awareness and impact in a meaningful way will strongly stimulate donations.
The entire T4HH community will be updated on our progress and selection processes for healthcare heroes.



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