DJ Fatboy Slim

Few DJs who walk the face of this earth are as widely-popular and respected as Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim.

He is a charismatic figurehead often associated with the wave of rave in the 90s alongside his successful crossovers into the UK charts ( Number 1 Single ‘Praise You’ and Number 1 Album – ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’).

Fatboy Slim has always been a firm supporter and believer in Ibiza and a bastion of the freedom and creativity that it represents.

From having helped shape the very landscape during its formative years that ultimately created the island’s nightlife culture as we know it today: ‘superstar’ DJs, the mega clubs, the unmissable nights, the hallowed residences – he helped transform Ibiza into a universe that attracted (and continues to attract) millions from all around the world.

He’s been playing to crowds in Ibiza for over three decades now. Most recently adding a new string to his bow – teaming up with Director Julien Temple, on ‘Ibiza: The Silent Movie’. A non-stop musical time-travelling trip through the history of the island. The music curated, produced and mixed by himself and a mark of his legacy in framing the history of the island and its story.

Fatboy Slim represents exactly the kind of hope and positivity for Ibiza and its inhabitants that we share, which is why we couldn’t be happier to have his support for such an important Ibiza-based, European initiative.

As an avid supporter of the healthcare industry, we look forward to working with Fatboy Slim as he shares his kindness and compassion, taking the T4HH to wider audiences.

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