Below please find all the wonderful people supporting TOGETHER for Healthcare Heroes in many different ways.
Many by providing their accommodations, their hotels, their services or directly  helping us when we need their favour or advise the most ! 

A big THANK YOU to all those wonderful people !

Diego A., Ibiza, Spain
Esther & Clive H., Ibiza
Matt M., Ibiza, Spain
Jose & Rebecca S., Ibiza, Spain
Samantha and John Ritschl-Lassoudry, Basel, Switzerland
Reagan B., Ibiza, Spain
Chris D., Odense, DK
Nathalie-Christine de M., Ibiza, Spain
Nathalie-Christine de M., Ibiza, Spain
Jan and Idil H. M., Basel, Switzerland
Idil M., Basel, Switzerland
Samantha and John Ritschl-Lassoudry, Basel, Switzerland
Rupert Baird-Murray, London, UK
Mario H., Saint Louis, France
Andrea & Maximiliano W., Ibiza
Amanda M., Ibiza, Spain
David R., Ibiza, Spain
Nathalie-Christine de M., Ibiza, Spain
Nick T., Ibiza, Spain
Bernd & Jenny P., Ibiza
Alex & Valerie M., London, UK
Belinda, Alma, Lily B., Walbach, Switzerland
Daniel van der H., Ibiza, Spain
Danny G., Ibiza, Spain
Cris R., Ibiza, Spain
Erkan B., Ibiza, Spain
Maria & Dacid S., Ibiza, Spain
Marion & Martin W., Zurich, Switzerland
Boris B., Wolschwiller, France
Boris B., Wolschwiller, France
Ana M., Ibiza, Spain
Belinda & Philipp, Alma, Lily & Margaux B., Walbach, Switzerland
Philippe & Marie Z., Alsace, France
Natalia S., Ibiza, Spain
Priscila C., Ibza, Spain
Denise K, Ibiza, Spain
Howard B., Ibiza, Spain
Olivier M., Arles, France
Emily, Duke, Erin, Matt Crowther, Ibza, Spain.jpg
Simon & Tracey D.-H., Basel, Switzerland
Edoardo M., Ibiza, Spain
Brigitte B., Alicia G.F., Claudia Z., Cathy O., Ibiza, Spain _
Olivier & Veronique B., Lausanne, Switzerland
Sunita D. & Matt M., London, UK
Cathy O., Ibiza, Spain
Anne Marie K. and Joan D., Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alicia G. F., Ibiza, Spain
Nikki B., Ibiza, Spain



OverNIGHT Stays


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Do you want to share the initiative with your audience?

Are you not able to help us yourself, but do you know others that would like to participate?

Do you know anyone that would like to sponsor this event?

Can you help us in any other way?

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