Andrea Wirsum

Introduction to who you are and what you do?

Andrea Wirsum, I’m the Project Manager of T4HH.  I have worked for more than ten years across different brands, in various industries in marketing, sales and project management before I started my own business Andrea Wirsum Coach, Consultant and Trainer in 2011. Born and raised in Germany, I moved to Spain twenty years ago and have called Ibiza my home for more than 13 years.

What does being part of this project mean to you?

Being involved in something meaningful, working together with creative, great people who share the same mindset. We are doing something which hopefully motivates many others to give thanks and give back.

Why did you decide to live on Ibiza?

I love that Ibiza is small, compact and rural but at the same time very cosmopolitan and with so many interesting people and influences. Ibiza opens its arms to everyone, it also challenges you but if you pass, it is one of the most beautiful spots to live (at least for me ;-).

What did you enjoy during the lockdown?

More quality time with my daughter and my husband, getting creative with my daughter, cooking more than I did before, slowing down, not having to prepare to go somewhere but simply decide between terrace a, b or parking (at least for the first two weeks of the complete lockdown).

What would you say to our Healthcare Heroes?

Thank you for all your efforts, you are the real heroes of which the world needs more of and you can be very proud of yourselves.

What would you like to see happen in the future post corona?

I hope that humans become (more) aware and will engage more to help the world to heal.

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