These times are challenging for all of us, but let’s try to give back to those working on the frontline of this pandemic crisis.
It will make all of us stronger!

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“My mum was a nurse and I saw the sacrifices she made so many times during her 40 year career so it was very easy for me to put all my efforts into this project.The advisory board have become friends and seeing the response from the owners that I have approached has encouraged me everyday to stay involved and find more owners. It really makes me feel good to be part of such a beautiful initiative.”


Invenio Homes

“All the team at Ibiza Soul Luxury Villas are passionate about giving something back to the dedicated healthcare community who are risking their lives daily on the frontline during this crisis. This heartfelt initiative represents the spirit of our beloved island of Ibiza and we need to show our sincere respect and gratitude to intensive care workers. We are working with our friends and clients to spread this positive message.”


Ibiza Soul Luxury Villas

“What a great idea and initiative ! We all see in the news how those healthcare workers are giving everything to save lives and turn this medical crisis around. I am glad to help for such a good cause and engage with my clients. And I am glad to welcome some of the healthcare workers personally in Ibiza.”


Ibiza One

“We are proud to be part of this wonderful initiative to thank, in a small way, the huge effort and sacrifices that have been done for all of us by the intensive care staff across Europe and which encompasses the true spirit of our magical island!”


Houses in Ibiza



OverNIGHT Stays


Will you contact the owners?

The only people that will be in contact with the owners are yourself and the steering committing that is there for governance and legal support.

Does the home need to have a touristic licence ?

We are interested in villas that are legally allowed to be rented for touristic purposes or truly private villas, where the owners do not rent out with commercial interest (except for long term non-touristic rentals).

Will we get publicity and how?

Each agency that supports the project with properties and or destinations will appear on the website as well as via the social media campaigns that we have scheduled.

Who covers any damage by the guests?

We have an insurance policy that covers the damage of properties that may be cause by the guests during their stay.

How many properties do we need to supply to be eligible?

The more the better but we acknowledge every effort made.

What if an owner changes their mind ?

If the owner changes their mind or sells their property they can pull out. We plan to allocate the properties including legally binding agreements in October 2020.

If I can provide properties, are (is) my client data (homeowners) protected?

Yes, we provide a legal framework that covers a contract between you and the homeowner, and between you and the TOGETHER initiative.

What are my responsibilities during the free stay?

If possible, we want you to take care of the check-in and check-out process, just like with a regular rental client.

What are my benefits to participate?

Obviously, this is all about a good cause for healthcare heroes. But along these lines you will be featured on the TOGETHER website with your logo. In social media campaigns we will tag the properties you provided with your agency information as well. You will also increase your brand awareness and reputation in front of your clients.


Are you a journalist and could you help us with some free publicity?

Do you want to share the initiative with your audience?

Are you not able to help us yourself, but do you know others that would like to participate?

Do you know anyone that would like to sponsor this event?

Can you help us in any other way?

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